History and Structure of the CD-ROM

Kalinichenko Irina M., Novikov Vladimir S., Shcherbakov Andrey V., Krassilnikov Evgeny A.


Despite the powerful capabilities and advantages of electronic searching systems and abundance of electronic databases, bibliographies on the individual branches of knowledge have not lost their value. This is also true for the search of bibliographic information on the flora and fauna of a given territory. Some bibliographic information can be found in certain printed publications but not all of them are available electronically. At the same time, searching services such as Google, Rambler etc do not always provide a suitable result due to the formal mechanisms for the search in these systems.

The present Annotated Bibliography is based on the principle of studying the original literature, which increases the reliability of the information.

This edition grew out from card files belonging to Prof. Vadim N. Tikhomirov (Moscow University). These card files contained information about publications on flora of Moscow Region, Meschera Region, Vladimir and Ryazan Regions, Republic of Mordovia, Central Chernozem Region and European Russia as a whole as well as classic works by Russian botanists and florists. As a result, in the beginning of 1980s an idea appeared to compile a new reference book (catalogue) similar to “The Literature on the Flora of USSR” by S.Yu. Lipshits (1975) but covering only Middle Russia in the traditional sense (present day Central Federal District and Western part of the Volga Federal District).

The experience of such a work was obtained in the preparation of bibliographic summaries on the Moscow Region edited by I.A. Gubanov, B.A. Starostin and V.N. Tikhomirov (1972, 1974, 1975).

V.N. Tikhomirov, I.A. Gubanov, I.M. Kalinichenko and R.A. Lozar conducted a great work cross-checking all available materials, finding new information and bibliographic description of each source of information in accordance with State Standards of Russia. As a result, in 1998 “Flora of the Middle Russia. An annotated Bibliography” was published. This edition included information from the mid 18th century to the present days. Unfortunately, this book was the latest one edited by V.N. Tikhomirov. Later, I.A. Gubanov and R.A. Lozar resigned from this work, while V.S. Novikov and A.V. Shcherbakov became involved.

In 2002, 2006 and 2011, the three additions to the Bibliography of 1998 were prepared and published. However, with time it became too difficult to find all four editions, especially because they were printed in different number of copies. In addition, the development of computer technology has led our colleagues to ask us for the electronic versions of these publications as they are more easy to use. Therefore, we decided to prepare this CD-ROM, which contains information from all four published Bibliographies on the flora of Central Russia.


System requirements:

— Processor Pentium 2(350) and above, SVGA-screen with resolution not less than 1024-786, CD-ROM drive or access to the Internet;

— System with a browser supporting HTML 4.0 and CSS:

– for Windows-compatible systems IE 5.0 and above, Firefox 4, Opera 5;

– for Mac OS — IE 4,1;

– for Linux-OS — Firefox 4.

The CD-ROM starts automatically. If automatic start fails, you can open the CD-ROM by running the file START.HTML located in the root directory of the disk.



Preface (Russian, English, German, French)                             pages

    History                                                                                folder

1768—1998                                                                      page

1998—2005                                                                      page

2000—2010                                                                      page

    Bibliography                                                                        folder

Introduction                                                                        page

1768—1998                                                                      folder

Sources                                                                         page

Index to Authors                                                            page

Index to Territories                                                        page

1998—2002                                                                      folder

Sources                                                                         page

Index to Authors                                                            page

Index to Territories                                                        page

2002—2005                                                                      folder

Sources                                                                         page

Index to Authors                                                            page

Index to Territories                                                         page

2005—2010                                                                      folder

Sources                                                                         page

Index to Authors                                                            page

Index to Territories                                                        page

Archive Materials                                                                    folder

Introduction                                                                        page

Sources                                                                             page

Index to Authors                                                                page

Index to Territories                                                            page

Appendices                                                                           folder

Current administrative division of the territory                     page

Administrative-territorial division of the territory 

at the beginning of the 20th century                                    page

Changes in administrative-territorial division 

of the territory in the 20th century                                     page

Main Herbaria on the flora 

of Middle Russia (as of 2006)                                          page

Guidance for Literature References to scientific 

publications in accordance with 

GOST 7.1-2003 [Russian State Standard]                       page


The folder «History» contains reviews of the floristic studies in Central Russia as a whole and its parts and regions for the selected periods of time.

The folder «Bibliography» contains bibliographic descriptions of the publications and associated Indexes to Authors and Territories for the corresponding periods of time.

You can exit the program by closing the browser.


NOTE! All other information on the CD-ROM is given in Russian except for the bibliographic descriptions of documents that were written in other languages.



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